Is Drama Club for You?

Ellery Beck

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There are many ways to get involved at Parkside, from sports to clubs. One club in particular that is popular among students is the Drama club. A multitude of people join, from exuberant actors to talented stage crew members. If you’re new to Parkside, or have never done drama, you may be wondering if it’s a club you’d enjoy. To answer that question, here’s a dissection of how the club works, along with the testimonies of some current members.

In Drama club, you can join one of three parts. You can act, join stage crew, or join light crew. As an actor, you can have any role from big to small, and truly show your talent and passion for acting. Many actors from past years at Parkside continue to be a part of the productions. Among the returning actors, Alexa Nastasi is one of them. A junior this year, she has been acting at Parkside every year she’s been here, and acts in productions outside of school also. Alexa says she loves acting because “you get to be someone or something different, even for a little while. you’re telling this story, whether it be a comedy, drama, or romance and you just LIVE for the audience’s reaction.” If that isn’t convincing enough, she also has a message to anyone considering acting: “It’s such a surreal experience. being on a stage in front of an audience is one of the most thrilling feelings. It’s not just the performances, but the friendships and relationships you make behind the scenes.”

If acting doesn’t seem like something you’d enjoy, stage crew and light crew are for you. In stage crew, you spend your time designing, building, and decorating a set, whether it be props or a full backdrop. In light crew, you work on the essentials that keep the plays running: lights and sound. This year, one of the two stage crew managers is Cleo Jones. When asked why she enjoys stage crew, she said “I love helping people and knowing I’m the reason a show can go on.” If things from painting to building interest you, you should consider joining stage crew. Cleo also says “It’s a fun little community and you always feel special and needed.”

Regardless of your role in drama club, there’s common benefits. The friends you make and the experiences you have will shape you, and also be extremely entertaining! The fall performances are November 16th and 17th, don’t hesitate to ask Mrs. Pruitt if you’re interested. You can also get updates on the clubs Instagram, @phs.dramaclub.

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Is Drama Club for You?