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Throughout high school, you will hear many teachers tell you they are preparing you for college. Like most students, I’ve wondered how vastly different college will be from high school. To acquire a deeper understanding of Parkside’s successfulness in preparing students, I decided to interview a past PHS student who is now at Salisbury University.

Tori Barmoy graduated from Parkside High School in 2017, and started her college education at Salisbury University this fall semester. When attending Parkside, she was an involved student: honors classes, high GPA, field hockey, softball, and drama club. She feels Parkside has prepared her in some ways, and not in others.

As far as Parkside’s strengths go, it has some outstanding teachers. One Tori particularly looked up to was Mr. Ayers, whom she had for AP Psychology. Your preparedness for college can depend on the teachers you have, and regardless of your teachers, there are some skills you can work on to help yourself. Tori’s advice is to “learn some time management and prioritize your education.” While you can further yourself on your own, Parkside still had some faults that Tori pointed out.

The issues in our school system that Tori points out are ones you probably have encountered yourself. A major issue she noted was how “many of the classes weren’t challenging enough and were repetitive throughout the four years.” One example of that every student at Parkside faces is in English classes. Tori also said “I learned about poetry multiple times but never wrote an essay the length I have to in college.”

To truly reap all the benefits of going to Parkside High school, you need to make an active effort to challenge yourself and prioritize the work you have. Don’t fall victim to bad habits- change them now, before you’re thrown into a completely different environment.

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