Gear Up for Students of Parkside

Brady Smith, News Writer

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Gear Up, Gaining Early Awareness For Undergraduate Programs, is a federal program of the US Department of Education, that gives grants to states for students from low income families, minorities, and disadvantaged first generation students to give them better access to a higher education. The states then distribute the money to counties that would benefit most from the money, and Wicomico County is one of the counties  that benefits from the money. The programs goal is to raise awareness and give knowledge to kids about life after high school whether its a 4 year school, 2 year school, or tech school.

Sanaa Hawkins, a Gear Up ambassador, said she “enjoys going on the college trips and hearing about what to do in the future,” and that “college trips have helped me figure out where I want to go to college.”

In order to raise awareness, gain knowledge, and help kids succeed, Parkside does many things including having career and college clubs, information tables, field trips to colleges, PSAT prep classes, books for freshman in AP classes to help them with the AP test, having teachers tell their stories on announcements, and guest speakers. Last year, Gear Up was responsible for funding Chris Herron coming to Parkside and telling his story.

Coming up on September 29th and 30th, Gear Up has a field trip to UMES for the 4th annual MANRRS Leadership Institution. In an email to the staff, it was described as “offering high school students from across the state the opportunity to learn from some of the top agricultural and natural resources entities from academic circles, industry, and government.”

Although everyone is able to benefit from Gear Up, the class of 2020 has the most to gain. Ms.Lewis said, “If a student from the class of 2020 keeps good grades and participates all 4 years then they will be eligible for a full ride scholarship.” This is an amazing opportunity for students who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to go get an education after high school.

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Gear Up for Students of Parkside