Parkside Boys’ Soccer Defeats Crisfield 3-0

Tommy West

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The Parkside Boys’ (4-2-1) soccer team defeated Crisfield (5-2) on Thursday by a score of 3-0. The Rams entered the contest coming off a 1-1 tie in double over time against Stephen Decatur.

Head coach Chris Burkhardt emphasized the importance of this game to his team earlier in the week, and after the team’s performance in yesterday’s game, it’s clear that his message was well received. Coming into this game, the Rams knew that they were going to have to play some exceptional soccer to come away with a victory and they did just that. Led by goals from sophomore striker Vince Venere and junior center back Kade Johnson. As well as fantastic goal keeping by senior Samuel Burbage.

After the game, I asked senior right back Ryan Townsend how they prepared for this matchup and what adjustments they made after the disappointing effort against Stephen Decatur, “We didn’t really make any major changes to our plan heading in, we just prepared for balls over top because we knew that was a big part of their success. We also possessed the ball along the perimeter to limit turnovers”. I also asked Townsend, who is also the captain of the team, what kind of leadership role he played for the team, his response was as expected from a captain, “I would certainly consider myself an important part of this team from a leadership perspective, the underclassmen look up to me and I lead by example”.

The team is already preparing for their next opponent in Queen Anne’s who will present a tough challenge for the Rams. “This win feels good, but we can’t celebrate it for too long, we know who we have coming in next” said Townsend. The team is working on moving the ball more quickly and raising their soccer IQ. T

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Parkside Boys’ Soccer Defeats Crisfield 3-0