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Melinda Phillips

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College Visits are offered to any student who wants to attend. A representative for the college you sign up for will come Parkside and answer any questions you have about the school or the application process. Students will meet at the round table in the guidance office for an half an hour session; You do not get to leave campus for college visits which is a normal misconception. There are currently eight college visits being offered  and they are Towson, Goucher, Morgan State, Roanoke, Frostberg, McDaniel, St. Mary’s, and St. John’s. When you sign up you can grab a paper that has some sample questions to ask the representatives and you can sign up for as many as you want!

I attended the Towson University visit and it was very enlightening. The representative told me how most schools set up there visits, twenty minutes spent talking about the school and then ten to fifteen minutes are spent answering any questions students might have. If you even have the smallest question, ask it, you will learn more than just the basic answer. You are also given a much of papers that tell you all the basics to need to know about the school. Like did you know that Towson has about seven hundred international from eighty six different country and has students from all fifty states. This is your chance to not only learn about academics but also about housing, the food, and the student life. Also in each visit there is not more than ten students which really offers a space where you feel your questions are going to be answered. In the picture are some of the good sample questions to ask the representative in your visit

After the event was over I got a chance to interview the representative, Jennifer Ziegenfus, who is the Associate Director of Recruitment for Towson University. She will visit all high schools are the Eastern Shore over about a week. She visits four schools in a day and will College Fairs at night. Ziegenfus says she enjoys her job because this is, “One of the most pivotal times in human beings life and the biggest decision people make in the first eighteen years of their life.” Also she loves visiting the Eastern Shore because this is where she is from.

So if you have the time I highly recommend signing up for a college visit!

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College Visits