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Mrs. Hughes is the newest member of Parkside’s guidance staff filling the roll as the CTE guidance counselor where she deals with the enrollment of CTE students and helps them to pick the path they are interested in.  She was asked by the Board of education to come to Parkside and take over for our previous councilor who was offered a different job that he decided to take leaving the position open for Mrs. Hughes to fill. Although she loved her previous job, Mrs. Hughes prefers her position at Parkside because of the maturity level of high school and the challenge.

Mrs. Hughes really enjoys it at Parkside in her own words “I absolutely love it at Parkside, the maturity level and atmosphere that Parkside gives off I was not able to get from my previous positions in middle and elementary schools” she loves the atmosphere and the staff and is happy to be working alongside our other guidance staff. The enrollment this year was handled well according to Mrs. Hughes the enrollment was handled with care and speed by each of the guidance counselors.

When asked about the qualification of the guidance in a high school environment staff Mrs. Hughes responded with “The certification for guidance is from pre-k to the 12th grade”. This statement is reassuring especially to those that have been wondering about new guidance counselors and the impact it might have on issues like college applications and high school credit checks. Mrs. Hughes is the newest addition to a Guidance Dept that has seen a great deal of turnover recently. Stop by her office and and say hello especially if you have questions about CTE.

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Newest Member of Guidance