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Dear Parkside RamPage,

I’m 100% with the NFL players and what they doing. I really don’t understand how someone can play both sides to this problem. Why should I stand up for a country that don’t stand up for me. African Americans been treated for the longest. Why do we feel like outsiders in “our own country.” People saying the players are disrespecting the country, the country been disrespecting us. What gives the people the right to say what’s wrong or what’s right. How can they say we crossed the line if they been crossing the line for the longest. I’m going to stand up for what I believe is right and sit down for what I believe is wrong.

-Caiyan Mitchell


I think that they should be able to do what they want without being judged. It shouldn’t matter whether they stand or they kneel and especially with Trump making a big deal  out of it. I really think they should do what they please. I know that Kapernick started it and all but he didn’t just do it for no reason he did it to prove a point and that was everybody else’s opinion on whether to follow him or not and everybody is blaming Kapernick like everybody else has a mind of their own he can’t make them not do something so I think Kapernick did the right thing.

-Jeremiah T.


I can go both ways with this situation. I agree and disagree with what the players are doing. I disagree with this because I feel like it’s disrespecting the National Anthem and the flag. But I agree because they are protesting in a peaceful manner, they aren’t causing a riot or being rude about it. They are simply expressing their rights. Another reason I disagree is I feel that everyone should stand united and be grateful that we have the freedom that we do cause some people don’t have that freedom

-Mary Hilton


I think that the players should stand up for the National Anthem and I think people should be respectful and not protest or refuse to support the Anthem. My opinion on this is that everyone should respect and be together for this situation and not argue. The reason that people don’t like doing it is because President Trump doesn’t make everyone stand and come together. It doesn’t matter if your a republican or not you should still participate in those events. Nobody should have to disown the National Anthem. The National Anthem is good and respectful.

-Alexis Toffry

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Letters to the Editor