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Parkside is a good high school but there are some things that could get changed. They say the rules are to ensure our safety. That might be true, but there are some that don’t make sense. Just like the hoodie rule. I just don’t understand why we can’t have our hoodies on. It’s not harming anyone at all. Sometimes we’re just having a bad hair day or  something and want to cover it up. All I’m saying is that I don’t see nothing wrong with having our hoodies on.


One thing that I don’t like at Parkside is the dress code rule because I would like to wear some of the nice shirts I have because they are nice but I can’t because it does not follow the dress code and I would like for everyone to be able to wear what we want and would not have to follow the dress code and we should feel like we are allowed to wear what we want.


I think the lunch policy should be changed. There are a lot of seniors here that have their own transportation. So I feel like as long as the students here at Parkside abide by all rules, then we should be able to leave for lunch and come back before lunch time is over.

-Ryneerah Hudson

I do enjoy Parkside because it is not a bad school, but the teenagers that go here are awfully mean and I feel like not enough is being done about it. I know you guys say you are here for us and that we can always talk to a guidance counselor but trust is gained over time and we can’t gain trust with out guidance counselors if they are transferred every year. I’m not sure if you control that or not, I am just wondering if there is a way you can stop it? Anyways bullying is still a problem here and it hurts me to hear that a close friend of mine is being hurt by some inconsiderate high school that does not have the right to hurt people because of their own personal problems. Please help! It would be highly appreciated because I know you say you’re here for us but a lot of the time when we come to you, nothing is done about it. Thank you for hearing me out.

-Megan Brittingham

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