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During the football season, Parkside’s cheerleaders brought a lot of school spirit to the football games. They always know how to hype up not only the football players on the field, but the student section. They start chants to involve students in the sections and will use a slingshot to propel shirts into the stands during the games. It’s a great way to include everyone at the game. One of the coaches for the cheerleading team, Mrs. Harkins said a way to get the student section hype is that “We have a group of fans that come to the game to be fans and don’t take any effort to get them hype because they are there for the game. Those are the fun fans we need at games because they cheer for everyone; the players, parents, band, cheerleaders, coaches, and anyone else involved.”

Even though people may have different opinions on whether or not cheerleading is a sport, they are still a team and work just as hard as any other sports team at Parkside High School. They spend hours after school, practicing their cheers, and trying to come up with other creative stunts they could pull off for the football games. The team as a whole works together to help each other out off and on the field.

Ramfam is a group of student leaders spreading ramfam pride throughout the school for any Parkside event or game. I asked one of the cheerleading coaches what ramfam meant to them and this is what they responded with; Coach Harkins said that “It is the single thing that can unite Parkside into a family no matter what activities you are in. It’s the common bond that everyone has.”

Overall, the cheerleaders had a great season, they had many new team members that were apart of the team and grew a lot from it. They worked as one, and created an inspirational atmosphere for everyone who came out to the football games.

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