Pay Raises in Wicomico County

Marvin McCaskill, News Editor

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As of October 26th 2017, after months of negotiations between the Wicomico County Board of Education and the Wicomico County Education Association-Employee Support Personal. The two parties have finally been able to ratify a new contract for the classified employees of Wicomico County. The Agreement was reached after the negotiations led to an impasses between both parties, and that sent negotiations to a mediator. This means many of the Non-teacher employees of the school, like office personnel, custodians, and assistants, will be receiving this raise. The new contract affords the classified employees a 1-step increase, and a one percent cost of living adjustments which is the same a the other employee groups in Wicomico County.

The was difficulty between the 2 parties reaching the agreement, the Wicomico County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Donna C. Hanlin, is pleased with the deal that was reached, “We are certainly relived to be able to move past the process of impasse, and finalize this agreement for our support staff. Theses hard working individuals have had to wait for this process to conclude to receive  their much-deserved annual raises”, said Hanlin. “We appreciate our employees’ dedication,patience, and trust that we had their best interest at heart throughout this long process. For both sides, getting this contract ratified was in everyone’s best interest, as we can now move on to focus our full attention on providing the highest quality education for the students in Wicomico County Public Schools”, Hanlin concluded.

Don Fitzgerald, Wicomico Board of Education President, agreed saying, “I thank both sides for coming to an agreement, as we believe it is in the best interest of the classified employees who work tirelessly for Wicomico County Schools. This is a step increase, and annual raise that they certainly desreve.



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Pay Raises in Wicomico County