Parking Mania At Parkside

Jonathan Maciarello, news writer

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If you have a car, park it on school property, and don’t have a parking pass you’ve probably been given a parking citation. The criminal justice class here at Parkside are the ones who give out those citations to the violators of the Parkside parking rules. For the class, the students go out to the parking lot and distribute the citations to violators of the Parkside parking rules. They look for cars that are parked without a permit, that are not parked correctly, or cars that are parked in the incorrect lot.

In an interview with Nick Green, a student who takes criminal justice here at Parkside, he said “Most of the citations that we hand out to students are for the ones who do not buy parking permits. I hand out about 4 of these every day we do this.” The parking passes are only 15 dollars to purchase and are easy to get, for the whole year and are the cheapest of all the schools parking passes in our county, so students should not have a problem getting one of these in order to park on campus. If students do not buy one they should count on getting a citation from the criminal justice class and maybe even a punishment.

Even though the parking citations are not tickets and do not have any payed punishment, repeated offenders of breaking the parking rules can result in banishment from parking on school grounds. If this keeps up then the school will eventually call for your car to be towed. Nick green believes he helps solves this problem and said, “I believe by handing out these citations helps because most people go to the office and buy a permit after receiving one.” The criminal justice class does not do the punishing the office does it all.

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Parking Mania At Parkside