Unified Strength and Conditioning

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Unified strength and conditioning is a winter sport held at many different schools across the state of Maryland, including our school, Parkside High school. Like every other unified sport, unified strength and conditioning brings together students with and without disabilities to participate in a fun sport that allows students to show off what they are capable of doing with their many different strengths. The team is composed of an even number of players, split between athletes with special needs and athletes without special needs.

Last year, Parkside’s unified strength and conditioning team had three teams that were able to compete at states. Two out of the three teams got first place and the team as a whole won the state championship. They had a great season last year and hope to have just as a successful season this year, as they did last year.

The coaches were very glad about the results from last years season as well, one of the coaches, Mr. Harrell,  said he was “Thrilled that we won the state championship for the second year in a row. There were many, very positive, senior leadership on the team and a lot of players worked along very nicely. The team gets better from the first day and peaks at the end, bringing the skills they have learned throughout the season at the practices to every competition.” Another coach, Mrs. Pelot, said that the team last year was filled with “Wonderful athletes and partners that got along very well and the team had a very good season.”

They had many athletes and students that were interested in doing unified strength and conditioning this year, if they end up doing it, the team will be much larger which will allow more athletes and partners to participate at competitions, and more teams that could qualify for states and hopefully place. The season is just around the corner and both athletes and partners couldn’t be more excited to see what the season has in store for them.

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Unified Strength and Conditioning