Dance For Kindness

Melinda Phillips

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On Sunday November 12th, Parkside along with Salisbury as a whole took part in the worldwide Dance For Kindness day. Though this was Parkside’s way to wrap up the anti bullying campaign; This is actually Salisbury second time participating in the event, and it is the sixth annual Dance For Kindness Day. The event was run by Life Vest Inside’s Grace Murdock Foxwell, a retired teacher in Wicomico County, and it was free admission.

All you had to do was dance or watch, and the dance wasn’t that hard, I am the clumsiest person in the world and I learned it in less than a day. Also there were five year old’s out there grooving maybe slightly off beat but know one cared because we were all out there for the same cause.

I have to say the overall atmosphere was very warm even tough it was very cold that day. They had a food truck and free waters and sodas. I was very lucky to get chance to attend, it was refreshing to see people come to together to stand up for something everyone needs, Kindness.


Since the videos from this year have not been posted yet enjoy last year Dance For Kindness in Salisbury:

                                                Hope to see you out there next year!!

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Dance For Kindness