The Importance of College Tours

Taylor Dodd, Arts and Entertainment

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College tours are an exciting and innovative  perspective on the types of schools someone is possibly interested in attending. As a junior, I have taken tours of approximately five colleges so far including the University of Maryland, James Madison University, Villanova University, and the Univeristy of West Virginia. Touring these schools has helped me in numerous ways such as I now know that I want to go to a large, research university with a D1 or D2 football and basketball team, and sororities.

I talked to Jaime Miller-Vail, a Junior, who says “Touring colleges was an extremely eye-opening experience that made me realize how close college is for me. It also was very exciting for me, they were beneficial because they gave me a feel for college life and what region I’d like to go to, which is the southeast. They also gave many facts about the college that seemed more realistic in person rather than from a book or website”. Jaime has toured seven colleges and so far her favorite is North Carolina State.

Maura Mears, also a Junior, had a very similar opinion. When she tours a college however, she is also interested in their field hockey program since she wants to play in college. She looks at the facilities, current players, and the coach in order to help make her decision on whether or not she likes the school. She also says “So far my college tours have gone well, and they have definitely helped me figure out what i’m looking for in a University. I’ve visited some larger and some smaller sized campus’ and it has helped me realize that I will want to attend a medium sized school. The location of the college and comfortable feeling that I get when I walk onto the campus is important to me as well. I am also planning on playing field hockey in college, so figuring out which program best fits me and my academic future is a large component as well”. Her favorite school thus far is Shippensburg Univeristy.

If you are a junior and you plan on attending college it is absolutely necessary for you to attend at least one or two tours of schools you like. When you walk on a campus you get a certain feeling and it varies from person to person, you need to fine where you feel most at home. It can also be a fun experience for your family and even a mini vacation, make the most out of something that might not be as fun for the rest of your family!


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The Importance of College Tours