Exam Exemptions: Good or Bad?

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When it comes to exams no student wants to take them, but will that effect them later? In college, students have to take cumulative exams for every class. Many college students, like Mrs. Quilter, an intern from Salisbury University, say that being exempt from exams will not help you prepare for college at all. Mrs. Quilter said, “I don’t think anyone should be able to get exempt from exams. It does students a disservice because you don’t get exempt from exams in college and it leaves students unprepared.” Mrs. Q went to Stephen Decatur High School where they don’t have exam exemptions and she said that helped her prepare for her college exams.

On the positive side of exam exemptions it does motivate students to have better attendance and better grades. I know personally, I made sure I didn’t miss any days in the first term so I was able to be exempt from my exams. On the negative side I took a class at Wor-Wic Community College first semester and the final exam caught me off guard because I haven’t taken an exam like that since my sophomore year of high school. When I asked Mrs. Nicholson, a math teacher here at Parkside, how she felt about the exam exemption policy she responded, “The policy is a good way to try to increase attendance and good academics. However, students who don’t have to take exams struggle in college. Also, I don’t believe 50 minutes is enough time to give a good exam.”

Many teachers are forced to make exams that aren’t exactly cumulative because of the short amount of time they are given to give the exams like Mrs. Nicholson said. Also, many exams that students do get in high school are not taken seriously. For example, many teachers give easy exams or they don’t give any exam at all. Students from Parkside aren’t given an equal chance when preparing for college exams as students from other schools are.

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Exam Exemptions: Good or Bad?