Maryland Minimum Wage Raises?

Marvin McCaskill, News Editor

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Minimum wage laws are a source of political controversy not only on a national level but on the state and local level. The minimum wage in Maryland is currently $9.25/hr , and is $11.50/hr in Prince George’s County. It will become $10.10 for the state starting effective July 1, 2018. There are also huge efforts from the Democratic State Senators to increase the minimum wage to $15/hr. That minimum wage issue has already decided on locally in both Montgomery County and D.C., which just passed laws gradually raising the minimum hourly wage to $15 in 2020.

The controversy comes when members of our state government disagree with the effect raising the minimum wage so high in Maryland will have on the economy of the state. When speaking about another job regulation bill in relations to the efforts to raise minimum wage, Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan said,  “Just this week they overrode the veto on the sick leave bill,we’re hoping to fix that bill, which they’ve (referring to the democrats) already agreed to do because it’s a terrible bill, that will cause the loss of jobs and small businesses, so throw something else (referring to a raise in minimum wage) on top of those small businesses without fixing that would be a disaster”. The democrats in senate of course disagree with the Governor about raising minimum wage, “No one working full time should live in poverty,” said Madaleno, one of seven Democrats vying to challenge Gov. Larry Hogan (R) in the 2018 election.

That is the issue on a bigger scale, but the people affected first by the raise would be those working minimum wage, and lots of teenagers work for minimum wage,  even in our school. A teenager being paid well over $10/hr seems like a great deal, but what do they actually think about the raise? Parkside senior Even Warthen was asked if being paid $15/hr would be okay even with its effects of the economy, he responded saying, “Being paid 15/hr would be great but not if it made the economy worse with inflation and high prices.This will be a hot topic in our state for a while, with understandable positions on both sides, we can only hope that whatever decision is made has a positive effect on our school, our economy, and our state.

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Maryland Minimum Wage Raises?