Sign Language Classes in Wicomico County

Jonathan Maciarello, news writer

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This new year free American Sign Language classes have been started by Patricia Adkins and taught by Joann Willey. Joann is a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing for Wicomico County Public Schools and is very good at what she does. In an interview Joan said “ I’m teaching these classes because I saw a need for teachers and students to learn and understand how to communicate with the growing population of hard of hearing children.these children deserve to be understood and deserve to be able to have conversations with other students. I push for all to sign up for this class or learn on there own how to use sign language.”

The class was offered due to an increased number of students who have been identified as having a hearing loss or who have been diagnosed deaf.  In an interview with Mrs. Adkins she said “There was a huge interest in that we only opened 20 slots for the class.  We had 25 people on the wait list. In the future we plan on opening more slots so we can have bigger classes and decrease the size of the waiting list and have more people learning sign language. Joanne Willey, teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, is teaching the 3 class series and currently works for the Wicomico Public Schools.  The lessons are functional American Sign Language signs that can used with anyone who signs.

The sign language classes take place from 5-7 p.m. and they’ve had two very successful classes that took place on January 17, and 24. There will be a third one on the 31st. The classes take place at the  school system building at 101 Long Ave in Salisbury. The class is so successful that there is currently a waiting list for the classes and attendees should sign up in advance for the classes in the future. Mrs. Patricia Adkins plans on holding even more classes because of the demand for them.

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Sign Language Classes in Wicomico County