The Governor’s Challenge was Challenging

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Parkside once again took part in the Governor’s Challenge a few weeks ago.  Their first game was against C.H. Flowers and took a big loss, losing by double digits.  The second game however was against Randallstown and they were able to get over their loss in the past game and get a win to help them come out of the tournament with an even record.

Senior forward Tyler Poulson said, “We weren’t as mentally prepared as we should’ve been going into the first game.  We knew that they were going to be tough but I think some of us came into the game thinking we had already lost.  Coach told us that they weren’t going to let up either, and he was right.  They were up at the half and didn’t let up once.  I think that also took a big hit on our confidence affecting how we played.”

The next game was a little different and Parkside came out in the opening quarter scoring big and takin a commanding lead.  Senior guard Jalen Deloach said, “After our loss in the first game we wanted to redeem ourselves and put that loss behind us.  We went into the game thinking that the previous loss didn’t even happen and that there was no way we were leaving with anything less that a win.  I think that the team played very well and everyone did their role for the team.”

There were a lot of good teams that came down to play in the tournament some even being nationally ranked.  All in all Parkside held their own and showed other teams that they can’t get pushed around.  Last year they came out of the tournament with no wins and this year they left with one.  if they continue to improve every year Parkside will be a force to be reckoned with,.


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The Governor’s Challenge was Challenging