Michael Harmon

Abu Ahmed, lifestlye writer

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Michael Harmon, a student here at Parkside High has stumbled onto a magnificent talent: Art. Michael has never really considered himself an artist, he took art 1, and 2 but only for fun to pass by the time, and because he considered it an easy class. It wasn’t until Art 3 that Michael realized that he was a excellent artist. Ms. McElroy noticed how passionate Michael was about Art and began to encourage him more and more about pursuing a career in the field.

In his own words Michael describes art as a “great way to express how I feel about the world, politics, history, anything that interests me really I can make into art.” Even though Michael does not consider himself as an artist, yet it is clear in his work that he is a phenomenal artist. Art inspires Michael, he says “Art inspires me to do more with my life before art I was thinking about becoming a architect before … for the money, but I know I’d rather pursue something I care about instead of chasing money.” Michael is now thinking about going to art school to pursue a career in animation, sculpting, or the broad field of just art.

Animation especially large animation, like studios or companies thrills Parkside’s newest aspiring artist. Outside of animation Michael also loves to paint, watercolor, paint, and even sculpt. “The art world most people don’t know is filled with many opportunities for young people like me, it’s a large world and I hope to see it all” he says. Parkside is lucky to have such a talented young artist in the school that can inspire others who wish to pursue a career in art. I urge all students and staff to take some time out of their day and head down to the c.t.e hall to check out some of the art here at Parkside.

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Michael Harmon