How to Present in Front of a Class

Ellery Beck

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One of the most anxiety inducing statements to hear in a class is the teacher saying “you’re going to be assigned an oral presentation.” Many students struggle with these due to a fear of presenting in front of a class. According to licensed psychologists, “almost 1 in 4 people report being anxious when presenting ideas and information in front of an audience.” While some feelings regarding presenting may never go away, there are many easy ways to get your confidence up and make presenting in front of a class feel like an easy grade.

A lot of cures for a fear of public speaking can do with addressing how you’re thinking and starting with changing that. Identify what is causing you the anxiety first. Are you scared people will make fun of you? That you’ll forget everything you worked on? That you’ll seem stupid in front of the entire class? Think about exactly what is making you anxious, and address how unrealistic it is. If needed, make a game plan to avoid it also. There are always going to be ignorant high school students who will make fun of you for no good reason, so be prepared for it to happen even if there is no reason for it. Focus on the people you care about: a good tip is choosing someone you feel comfortable with, and looking at them, in an attempt to feel as if you’re reading it just to them. If you’re worried you’ll forget the material you prepared, write it down! Notecards are a great way to jot down reminders so when you’re presenting you don’t get off topic or take too long. Put effort into the work that you do and you’ll never seem stupid.

On presentation day, don’t panic. There are plenty of easy way to reduce some of your nervousness. If you can’t utilize any of the advice in this article, ask your favorite teacher. Their career is entirely public speaking, and I promise you some of them dealt with a fear of it in the past. You’re not alone with an anxiety of public speaking, and there are no shortage of methods to help you overcome it.

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How to Present in Front of a Class