$13.08 million sought to help renovate schools

Carleigh Foster

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Wicomico Count is seeking 13.08 million dollars for infrastructure. Infrastructure within the school districts is the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. In a recent meeting schools superintendent Dr. Donna Hanlin presented 15 items that need to be done in Wicomico County that will cost the count 13.08 million dollars.

Art teacher Mr. Baggs gave his input on this “13.08 million dollars is a lot of money. The projects that the board wants this money for are beneficial projects that will be good for the schools in this county which is a good thing. I think the board should use that money towards schools that need it most so that all students are in the best learning environments.” In upcoming months Dr. Donna Hanlin brought up five specific projects. One specific project includes a replacement school at Beaver Run Elementary School.

Junior Camryn Hoeck who’s dad has been a Physical Education teacher at Beaver Run chimed in on the elementary school being replaced. “Every time I drive past Beaver Run, I see how much it needs worked on. My dad been a Physical Education teacher there for a while and at home he’s talked about what the school needs worked on and it’s a lot. Beaver Run although a good school has maintenance, plumbing, and electrical issues so I think they should be on top of the counties replacement list.

Beaver Run Elementary School hasn’t been worked on yet because the top priority of the system is the 9.4 million dollar Delmar Elementary renovation. Other projects that the board has ideas for would be, Glen Avenue Elementary School and Pinehurst Elementary school schools roof will be worked on, Wicomico High Schools plumbing repairs, and our very owns Parkside High Schools auditorium.

This infrastructure is going to create better and longer lasting learning environments for students all over the county. This requested 13.08 million dollars will all be going to beneficial renovations that will have the schools county looking new.

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$13.08 million sought to help renovate schools