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Ellery Beck

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For any aspiring authors or poets, one of Parkside’s newest clubs is for you! Founded by Aspen Bunda and Sage Goldman, the Creative Writing club meets after school on Thursdays. It’s a club focused around works of literature of any kind created by it’s members. Members are welcome to write creative works such as short stories, poems, books, plays, and anything else they desire.


If you’re wondering what a Creative Writing club entails, club founder Aspen Bunda gave a description of the activities that occur in their meetings. She said that things happened such as “workshops, writing prompts, and all that kind of fun stuff!” New writers and more experiences ones are all welcome to join, as the club is sure to help improve your writing skills. In a workshop setting, the individuals poets, playwrights, and authors bring works they have recently created and as a group, they’re edited, revised, and opinions are given to help improve different aspects of writing.

One of the two founders, Aspen Bunda, also answered some questions about the appeal of the club and why those considering joining should come to the club. Aspen said that she created the club because she “wanted to find something fun to do after school, that others can enjoy too.” She described her club as a “positive creative community to help people with their writing, regardless of who they are and what they write.”

If you’re on the edge about joining the creative writing club, bring some works you have already written, a notebook, a pen, and your creative spirit. Even if you haven’t written anything before and you’re interested in learning how to write good creative works, you should attend for activities such as writing prompts and reading other Creative Writing club members works. For any other questions, contact Aspen Bunda or Sage Goldman.

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Creative Writing Club