Parkside Rams Vs. Bennett Clippers

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Parkside boys lacrosse team against James m. Bennett’s boys lacrosse team.

Boys varsity lacrosse played against their rivalry, James M. Bennett at the county stadium on Wednesday March 28, 2018. They came into the game with positive attitudes and their heads held high, hoping to see great outcomes from the game. Unfortunately, the final score was 19-10, in favor of Bennett’s boys lacrosse team.

Although they lost, they came together as a team at the end and supported each other to come back stronger when they go head and head against Bennett the next time. Jacob Brown, a senior on the lacrosse team, said “I was angered with the effort our team put into the game that night and was upset and angry with the results but I am glad how positive our team was afterwards.” Bailey Pilchard, a junior on the lacrosse team, said “even though we did not get the results we wanted, our team still left the field with great sportsmanship and did not let Bennett’s fan section get to our heads.” The players had many mixed emotions after the game, but knew how to deal with those emotions respectfully and considerately.

Being a student on the fan section and seeing the game from a spectators point of view, I did see some sections where in part of the game they felt hopeless and thought they could not defeat Bennett. It showed while they were playing that they got discouraged but they eventually stepped it up to try to prove the other team they aren’t quitters. They played well as a team and are ready to play them for playoffs.

The boys lacrosse teams next game is on Wednesday, April 4th against Kent county at away. They are hoping to make a comeback and show what they are capable of doing together as a team. Make sure to support them as they play against them!



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Parkside Rams Vs. Bennett Clippers