Hurricane Florence Stays Away From the Parkside Rams

Jonathan Maciarello, News Writer

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Once a very powerful Category 4 storm, Florence reduced to a slower moving, less threatening Category 1 hurricane before it even hit the east coast. Although the storm was weaker than predicted the storm brought catastrophic storm surges, devastating flooding and other problems such as large swells and high winds. The storm has caused a lot of damage to North and South Carolina forcing many residents to evacuate. Many are returning now to their homes and towns damaged especially areas on or near the water.

With the change in Florence’s strength and path, Maryland did not get hit as hard as earlier predicted. Salisbury experienced a thunder storm or two, but residents didn’t wake up to their homes being damaged by the storm like the Carolina residents have. The hurricane has caused problems for near by Ocean City though. Florence has caused very large swells making the waves in Ocean City much larger than normal. The large waves could be very dangerous for swimmers, so the beach patrol is staying on duty to make sure those who dare to swim in these dangerous conditions are safe. The dangerous conditions are good news for surfers though making the waves great for the first time in a while.

This satellite image provided by NOAA shows Hurricane Florence off the eastern coast of the United States on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018. NOAA via AP

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Hurricane Florence Stays Away From the Parkside Rams